First Line Of Defence Against Fires Explosion

It would be quite late when you are trying to fight a fire as the small fire would have grown, and exploded. Our small fire extinguisher, cell-fire extinguisher (CFE) can be installed at the core of power electronics and prevent an explosion. It will be activated automatically and fumes the heated area before the fire gets out of control.

77 %

Fires resulting in fatalities, start in what feels like the safest place – your own home

30 %

30% of all fires are caused by electricity, many of them in electrical appliances

1 %

The number of times a household electrical appliance catches fire every day in a city like London

What is the cell-fire extinguisher (CFE )?

From the beginning, Anzene sets out to make the safest battery pack that ever existed as we had seen too many battery fires happening, destroying personal and residential properties and lives. 

This has spurred Anzene to design the safest battery pack for users and innovated the cell fire extinguisher that can be nested within the cylindrical battery cells to fume & cool the pack during an overheating situation.

This innovation is low-cost, effective and allows decentralised explosion prevention. It fights fire at the source and prevents fire from spreading. Assuming battery and electric fires cannot be prevented by software layers, there is a need for an idiot-proof hardware solution that can tackle fires and prevent explosion at any time.

How does it operate?

Basic specification

Key features of the CFE

Small enough to be nested

Safe for human contact ​​

Extinguishes fire within 5 seconds ​​

6 year shelf life ​​

Non-corrosive & leaves no residue​​


Self-activated ​

Localised fire fight​​

Potential Application

Data center drives

Portable Battery Packs

Energy storage solution


Electric Mobility


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