6 Steps to Getting Started With Your Anzene Kit

“I’ve bought my Anzene kit, now, what?” Congratulations, you are now a few steps away from accessing clean energy that is environment-friendly! That is a good question, though – now, what? While you are waiting for your Anzene kit to come in the mail, you can do some preparations to get you started with your Anzene kit.

Here are the six steps you have to do to unlock the full potential of your Anzene kit:

Step 1: To read is to lead!

  • The very first thing that you should do, right after buying your Anzene kit is to read more about it. This is, presuming that you have already done your fair share of reading about Anzene even before buying it.
  • There are tons of articles about Anzene found on this website. It is essential to know about its benefits and advantages, in order for you to have a good idea of what to expect once you receive the product in the mail.
  • Aside from that, there are guide manuals and FAQs on this website that may help you with setting up your Anzene kit. So that if you ever stumble on any similar problems with your Anzene kit, you would know where to look for help.
  • Make it a habit to read about Anzene.
Step 2: Prep your ride, for the tides
  • While making it a habit to read about your Anzene kit, you have to make sure that your e-mobility is ready for the new upgrade.
  • You can take it to a repair shop and get some things replaced. For example, have the battery replaced, or even the tires. While you are at it, you can even get it cleaned and repainted for a new look. This will prepare it for the new add-on accessory that it’s going to get.
  • Getting it vamped up and fixed will ensure that your e- mobility is its best once you hook it with your Anzene kit. So that if problems will be prevented by keeping your e- mobility maintained properly.
Step 3: Package check, gear check
  • Next up, is to make sure that your Anzene kit is unharmed and undamaged once you receive it in the mail. Are all the inclusions inside? Is there no damage to your Anzene kit? Is it working the way it is supposed to? Are all the necessary cords included?
  • It is necessary to do a test run first to ensure that your Anzene kit is hooking up with your e- mobility properly. Is it properly charging your e-mobile? You also have to make sure that it is charging effectively by itself.
  • Anzene ensures that we send you the highest quality of products. However, we cannot be so sure that your Anzene kit is unharmed during shipment. If there are any damages,     please contact Anzene Customer Service to discuss replacement immediately.
Step 4: First use, you choose
  •  Now that you have done the necessary precautions, you may now take Anzene out for your first ride. It’s like taking a girl out to date, right?
  • Before you leave with your Anzene on your e-mobility, make sure that you packed everything you will need, such as the cords and the main battery block itself.
  • When the time comes that your e- mobility has run out of its own battery, you can now plug it into your Anzene kit and wait for it to charge your e-bike.
  • Once it is charged, it is now time to go and continue on with your cruise.
Step 5: Maintain and gain!
  • Now that you have completed your first adventure with Anzene, it was a success!
  • Every time you come home from using it, make sure that you are maintaining it properly by cleaning it and giving it a thorough wipe-down. This will ensure that no dust or sand gets onto the little nooks and crannies of your Anzene kit that might corrode it done as the time comes.
  • To take care of your Anzene properly is the key. Because you are taking it out with you on your trips, it is exposed to various elements that may harm the system. While it is a lithium-ion battery, it is still susceptible to dust and sand.
  • You may buy some accessories that will provide protection for your Anzene kit, like a case or a cover.
Step 6: Done with the walkthrough
  • Now that you have completed the five steps above, and have gone on your first trip with your Anzene kit, you are now done with the walkthrough!
  • You can now take your Anzene kit on various trips with you without much trouble. Congratulations, on unlocking clean energy that is also environment-friendly!

These are the six steps to getting started with your Anzene kit. This is Anzene, powering your life.

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