Be the 80% Safe During House Fires With CFE

Fires are dangerous and heartbreaking.

We can lose our loved ones to fire. We can lose the house, the business, the car, everything we worked hard on from fires.

It’s always painful to hear a burning house or apartment complex nearby. Even more so, when people are inside the burning establishment.

According to a statistics report by the National Fire Protection Agency, more than a quarter (27%!) of fires occur at homes. And more than a quarter (79%!) of fire-related deaths occur at homes. (1)

House fires are common, deadly BUT preventable. Every year, more than 4,000 lives are lost to house fires, while 25,00 are injured. That is an average of $8.6 billion or damage to property every year. (2)

These numbers are alarming. But what is even more disturbing is that experts agree that most home fires are actually preventable. (2)

There are a lot of ways that the National Fire Protection Agency promotes as ways of combating fires.

These lines of defense usually include properly installed water sprinklers and fire alarms. Installing water sprinklers to your home prevents the chances of house fires by 80%, while having fire alarms only reduces it to 30%. (2)

While 80% is, indeed, impressive, water sprinklers aren’t foolproof. In our past article, Why We Should Ditch the Current Fire Extinguishing Methods, we discussed in detail how water as an extinguishing agent is restrictive and not always efficient.

Water is not suitable for all types of fires. Spraying water to chemical, gas, and grease fires will not extinguish it; instead, it will do the opposite: it will feed the fire. (3)

80% is indeed, in fact, impressive. However, there is still that leeway of 20% occurrence. Additionally, what if the fire that breaks out in your home is a chemical-based one? Or grease-based? Would you risk your family being the victims of that 20% fire?

This 80% number is no longer the case with the Micro Fire Extinguisher/ Cell Fire Extinguisher (CFE). The CFE is a small device that extinguishes ALL kinds of fire.

The CFE is truly a “cell”, as it is very small in size. It can fit in your pocket with size of 10mm in width and 55 mm in length. The volume of the overall cell is 0.017 cubic meters.

Because it is small and compact, it can easily fit into small batteries and small electronics that can easily catch on fire.

This is essential because electrical equipment is ranked 4th as the leading cause of house fires. (4)

Once you install CFE on your electrical equipment, it will activate itself when the product’s temperature and external surroundings reach an alarmingly high level (135 degrees celsius just before the fire takes place).

Once activated, the CFE will release a compound that will extinguish the fire and stop it from spreading, easily.

One gram of CFE can effectively smother 0.013 cubic meters of fire. The current design of one CFE has two grams, therefore, making it effective for 0.026 cubic meters of fire.

Moreover, you can easily drop the CFE to small fires and effectively extinguish them quickly.

This heavily reduces the chances of home fires spreading and being uncontrollable. While there are no statistics available as of yet, because CFE is only new to the market, the innovators hypothesize more than 80% of possible prevention of fires, using the water sprinklers as a reference point.

What are you waiting for? The safety of your family is just one click away. Install Micro Fire Extinguisher/ Cell Fire Extinguisher (CFE) on your houses and enjoy a safe and worry-free life.


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