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29 December 2019

How to commoditize SEARCHING action – Brainstorming

  • SEARCHING online on food, entertainment, necessity &…
  • In Developed western countries and China, the main search engine has been no 1 for many years and will still be for many years to come – Google and Baidu.
  • Both of them do heavy tracking of user data profiles. The only difference is that Google protects Personal Information but sells User Behavior. Baidu most likely does both.
  • There is a need for a clearer search energy where Personal Information data and User Behavior will not be sold. This is even more important for more users now are educated.
  • C1: One of the reasons why VPN is profiting
  • So XXX Search engine provides an alternative that Personal Information data and User Behavior will not be sold.
  • D1: it will earn money only from advertisements related to the search words and not on User Behavior.
  • D2: Part of advertisement money earned will use to buy solar and wind turbines.
  • D3: This is one of the methods to make the project for a bigger audience, in which is to able to find a way to commoditize SEARCHING as a commodity that could link to building energy platform is discussed here:
  • Indirectly, bringing more energy-related projects to cities. Giving choice and power to the new generation of users.
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