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28 December 2018

Nano Wind Turbines for Anzene Docking Station


This wind turbines work on small wind speed. We have the direct source and can launch it under our own brand

3 videos:

  • 1st video shows the big scale that is suitable for Government
  • 2nd video shows a medium size suitable for home usage
  • 3rd video shows the smallest size suitable for home usage.

4 December 2018

20 Foot Container Design with Anzene Batteries – Brainstorming

3 scenes:

  • Left: showing Room with window for solar/ wind generating and storing with docking station
  • Middle: Road section to place light electric vehicles, bikes and scooter with anzene batteries
  • Right: A cafe place showing docking station and batteries using on standard electric devices

3 December 2018

Solar + Heat Energy Generation for Anzene Docking Station

  • A combined concept to reduce the ROI on solar cells investment for Government
  • A direct source we can get and pack soon for consumer market in which the size and concept will be shown up.

3 October 2018

Anzene Home Storage Illustration – 1st Phase Attempt

NA Comments on Feature’s Feasibility.

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