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4 August 2020

Cell Fire Extinguishing system For Anzene Docking station and Battery pack – Part 2

  • *Updated on 4th Aug 2020: There is a typo of the temperature by the fuse wire that has only one temperature setting at 170 degree cel. World wide National (China) standard for Fuse wire is set at 170 degree cel.
  • For other temperature setting to initiate the activation, it will be by the digital wire sending a current (300 ma) to the CFE.
  • Process:
    • Circuit board will have its own temperature sensor
    • once the temperature condition is met, send a current through the digital wire connected to the CFE @ 300 ma and it can be activated.

4 March 2020

Anzene Explosion Tests


  •  Certification for non-toxin on human skin obtained
  • Certification for no-poisonous during inhalation obtained 
  • Certification for effective on B-class fire and electric cable fire with CFE by TFRI (tianjing fire fighting research center) obtained
  • Discussion with NTU for research collaboration
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