Economic Benefits of Anzene

Anzene is a battery/ Energy block for your e-mobilities. It’s non-explosive, smart and on the go. Aside from being a technological superhero, Anzene helps save the world by utilizing sustainable energy. Sustainable energy is energy that is cheap, environment-friendly, and easily replenished. (What is sustainable energy?, n.d.)

However, Anzene is not only clean and green but also economically beneficial. (Local Renewable Energy Benefits and Resources, n.d.)

The energy stored in the Anzene battery pack is sustainable – that is, it is harvested from sources that are easily replaced back. These can be from the sun, the strong winds, the rippling of the waters or from Earth’s internal heat. (What is renewable energy?, n.d.)

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

The sustainable energy industry is more labor-intensive, as compared to its nonrenewable counterpart. This means that the construction and overall life cycle of a sustainable energy power plant require more manpower than non-renewable energy.  (Benefits of Renewable Energy Use, 2017.)

The construction, installation, maintenance, and harvesting of sustainable energy is more reliant on manpower than it relies on machinery. Take for example, a solar power plant – humans are needed to install the solar panels and humans are still needed in the maintenance of them. (Benefits of Renewable Energy Use, 2017.)

Currently, renewable resource accounts for 10% of the world’s total energy demand. Among this 10% of production, there are already 10 million people employed in the sustainable energy industry. Ten million! Just for a small fraction, of the total energy needs. (Harvard University, 2012 & Richardson, 2018)

Imagine if that ten percent rises to a twenty percent – to a thirty percent, the number of people employed in this industry will double, triple, and even more! (Richardson, 2018)

United States President Donald Trump has emphasized the importance of coal-mining jobs – however, when associated with the larger scale of things, coal-mining jobs are insignificant, as compared to jobs related to the sustainable energy field. (Schoen, 2018)

In fact, coal-mining jobs are only a third of the total of solar power employees! And that is for solar power alone, what more when other forms of sustainable energy are combined together to form a synergistic upshot? (Richardson, 2018)

Anzene is patronizing the sustainable energy industry. It is providing more opportunities for the sustainable energy field to proliferate and grow. This, in turn, opens up job opportunities for the unemployed or job mismatched individuals. (Benefits of Renewable Energy Use, 2017.)

The butterfly effects

While sustainable energy directly opens up new and more job opportunities, this increase in employment will nudge the household and business income of the nation. The more people who are employed, the more income is input inside a household. It’s that easy. (Environmental Protection Agency, 2010)

The government would also benefit from the support of the sustainable energy industry. This benefit will come in the form of taxes from the project owners and power plant executives. A lease of $3000 to $6000 per megawatt of installed capacity is often asked of the landowners on which the renewable projects are built. Additionally, they may also earn royalties based on the project’s annual revenues. (Benefits of Renewable Energy Use, 2017.)

With the support of Anzene to the sustainable energy industry, it is indirectly creating a “butterfly” effect on the various economic constituents of a nation.

Steady energy prices

Sustainable energy is able to provide cheap energy and has the potential to stabilize energy prices in the future. (Benefits of Renewable Energy Use, 2017.)

The costs of sustainable energy projects have significantly dropped over the past years. And it is predicted to lower even more. To give you an idea, the prices of installing solar panels have dropped by more than 70% from 2010 to 2017! As more technologies are developed, the investment in sustainable energy projects will no longer cost an arm and a leg. (Benefits of Renewable Energy Use, 2017.)

This is what Anzene is advocating for, cheap energy for the normal folk.

Anzene is on a roll by being a jack-of-all-trades in a box! It’s cheap, environment-friendly, and good for the economy, too. This is the new age of technology, in which tech and noble causes provide a synergistic effect to better the quality of life. (

Anzene, powering up your life.


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