I bought CFE and now I’m part of the 80% safe during house fires

Just last April of 2019, news channels all over the world were taken by a storm of one incident: the fire that engulfed the 850-year old Paris Cathedral that is Notra Dame. It’s difficult to swallow the fact that such an artifact of history was simply loss to a fire.

This fear is amplified when we are talking about residential buildings, where people actually live. There’s nothing like losing your loved ones and hard work (home or business) to a fire that could have otherwise been prevented effectively.

Moreover, once the fire becomes big and uncontrollable, it would only take a couple of minutes for your home to go up in smoke. So little time to evacuate the family. So little time to save your belongings. So little time to stop the fire.

It is often difficult to recover from fires as it can cause trauma. That’s why the famous character troupe of losing your family in a fire is quite overused in dramas. In reality, these overused character backstories wouldn’t have happened if you installed proper fire-preventing devices!

While it is a “funny” drama trope, it does happen in reality. That’s why I have opted to be safe than sorry. I recently installed a fire-preventing device in my home and have effectively fire-proofed our family abode.

Recently, a friend has used CFE (Cell Fire Extinguisher) and installed it in his home. He said that it’s a good precautionary measure to take and after looking into it, I decided to do the same to our house.

The Micro Fire Extinguisher/ Cell Fire Extinguisher (CFE) was installed on all electrical devices into our homes. Living in a high-tech apartment unit 9 floors above ground, my family relied on technology quite a lot. We used technology for entertainment, convenience, cooking, basically anything.

Electrical devices are one of the leading causes of house fires. And since technology is more prevalent in this day and age, with technology being an extension of ourselves, it is easy to forget electrical safety as not all products that are sold are up to standard.

Since the design was so small, we were able to nest multiple cells together on some devices (especially the heavy duty ones). We used it on extensions, the game consoles, and kitchen appliances.

This already reduced the risk of fires for up to more than 80% in our home. Knowing that, I can rest easy at night now that my family is safe and secured.

There was this one time when we bought a rechargeable fan online. Not knowing any better, the fan sparked as the kids were charging it. There was fire for a brief moment, but thankfully, since we had installed CFE to the extension it was plugged onto, the extension did not catch on fire but rather, extinguished it effectively.

That was a close call. It was difficult to see fire traveling up wires, knowing that it could very well be traveling up my home in a few seconds.

That was when I truly witnessed how CFE can save lives.

I couldn’t imagine what could have happened to me and my family if I hadn’t installed Micro Fire Extinguisher/ Cell Fire Extinguisher (CFE) on that extension.

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