I Bought CFE and Why You Should, Too

Recently, I found out about this new technology that prevents home fires from breaking out.

I was visiting a friend when the fire came on the news. All of a sudden, our conversation shifted to the topic of fires. He opened up about the new upgrade he had done on his family home — the Micro Fire Extinguisher/ Cell Fire Extinguisher (CFE).

After hearing all the good things about it, I decided to order some for our home and installed it as soon as it came in the mail.

The Micro Fire Extinguisher/ Cell Fire Extinguisher (CFE) is specially made for houses of the 21st century! Our home, like most city-homes in apartment complexes, relies on smart technology such as Alexa, gaming consoles, personal computers and so much more. Even our kitchen is equipped with smart technology.

I had CFEs installed on every heavy-duty piece of technological device we owned. This meant that any spark that may come from any of our frequently-used pieces of technology would be extinguished right away.

What CFE does is that it prevents fires from spreading by simply absorbing them. This cell is very small and so it can fit on any electrical device. Moreover, the design makes it more efficient by allowing for a nested system.

It was super easy and quick to purchase from the store. The shipping time was also fast, too. While the installation did require some professional help, it was for the better.

After CFE was installed, I read through the website for more information. My timeline was messed up here. It’s much better to read about something before purchasing it. But hey, I was excited and I trusted my friend’s word for it.

I actually found out more about fires and how not all fires can be extinguished by water. Some fires that come from chemicals or electronic devices become deadly when in contact with water. Who knew?

But the good thing is that CFE can take out any sort of fire, especially electrical ones.

I also learned that CFE can drastically reduce the spreading of fire by more than 80%. As of current, the combat system against fires is sprinklers. Sprinklers work with water and can diminish the risk of fire by about 79%. That’s impressive, but its appeal gets lost when you think of how water fairs against electrical and chemical fires.

That’s why CFE is ensured to keep your family safe against all kinds of fires.

Knowing this keeps me at ease. I can rest easy every night knowing that my family is safe and secured against any fire disaster.

CFE changed my life. And it should change yours, too.

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