The Ultimate Goal of Anzene: Human Sustainability

Anzene is a battery, energy block that is affordable, environment-friendly, and economically beneficial.

Safe, environment-friendly, and economically beneficial – these three adjectives describe the main features of Anzene. However, this is not what Anzene is only about.

Anzene is a product of today’s technology that combines innovation and the determination to escape our self-destructive prophecy as a species. This is why the ultimate goal of Anzene, as a product, is to support and raise awareness about human sustainability. (Caldwell, 1999)

Human sustainability is a part of large-scale advocacy – sustainability. Sustainability is defined as systems, behaviors, and activities whose main purpose is to preserve a particular entity or a resource. (Kokemuller, n.d.)

In the case of human sustainability, it is the system of activities that works toward the main purpose of preserving human life. Everyone’s lives, your life, your children’s lives, and even your great-great-grandchildren’s! (Wiley, et. al., 2002)

The best way to demonstrate sustainability is to quote Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the prime minister of UAE and Emir of Dubai before his demise. As he said, “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son’s son will ride a camel.” (Youth must pay heed to our leader’s advice, 2017)

The wisdom in his famous words resonates perfectly to the dilemma we are facing as a species. As stated by the late esteemed scientist, Stephen Hawking, humankind is on a path to self-destruction. The planet is becoming too small to meet our never-ending needs and wants and we are exhausting our resources. (Caughill, 2017)

There will come a time when our future would no longer hold the mystic and magic that our presence brings us today. We are driving around in our Land Rovers and experiencing the wonders of technology, at the expense of impeccably obliterating a similar future for our children. (Jones, 2017)

In 1950’s we predicted to have the world at our fingertips. Back then, we thought that such a prediction was nonsense. Fast forward to June 29 2007 and the first iPhone was invented. And now, we literally have the world at our fingertips! What a time to be alive, they say. (iPhone History, n.d.)

Now, households are powered for cheap and we can use our iPhones to our disposal. What a time to be alive, indeed. However, all of these come with the expense of shortening our future. (Schrubert, 2016)

With all the resources that we are exhausting, is there even a future ahead of us?

Exhaustion of resources

The energy we are using – is finite. However, it seems that not many humans realize the implications of this. A common trend is for us to never acknowledge the problem until it is right in front of us, and until then, we will never come up with a solution.(Schrubert, 2016 & What is sustainable energy?, n.d.)

Currently, 90% of the world’s energy demand is met by non-renewable energy. This is energy that exhausts our fossil fuels – of which are the remnants of the Jurassic era that was once the earth we now live in today. The tall plant life that slowly buried itself under the marshes of Earth’s crust – the remnants that will be too difficult to bring back today. (Nonrenewable energy sources, n.d.)

Not only are we destroying our future by exhausting our resources but we are also doing so by pitting ourselves against each other, in an effort to fight for the things that we want by greed. (Monbiot, 2019)

Monopolizing of powering and overconsumption 

Due to the gluttony of humans, only a handful of major companies centralize the power for the energy trade. This creates an economy of two extremities – in which, the rich is crazy rich and the poor is mega poor. Energy is not accessible to many due to its high price. (NathanHLents, 2014)

This extreme reliance on fossil fuels also reduces the opportunities to open new jobs and provide economic stability to a nation. The reliance is responsible for creating a continuous instability in the energy prices that affect the overall international trade. (Reducing Fossil Fuel Reliance, n.d.)

Anzene believes that everyone has the right to access energy, at low and affordable prices. This is so that they would be able to afford a comfortable life and experience the luxuries of being alive today – without sacrificing the same for future generations. (Hughes, 2018)

This is why it was invented, to promote the use of sustainable energy. Not only does it promote the patronization of sustainable energy, but it is also beneficial to the economy of a nation. (Local Renewable Energy Benefits and Resources, 2017)

All of these descriptions – cheap, environment-friendly, and economically-beneficial are all important qualities that help combat the factors that we are slowly destroying.

Anzene is safe so that more humans can have the access to energy. Anzene utilizes sustainable energy that as proven by various studies, is better for the environment than its non-renewable counterpart. Anzene is economically-beneficial as the patronization of renewable energy provides economic benefits. (Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Technologies, n.d.)

This is one step towards change, so that we may be able to overturn all horrifying prophecies about our self-destruction.

Anzene – powering your freedom.


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