Why We Need Sustainable Energy

There is a plague that nobody knows of. The Earth is ill, and we are causing it.

What do you think powers your cars? Why do you think electricity runs infinitely in your houses?  What do you think powers the technology you so love? (Renewable Resources Co, 2016)

The electricity may seem infinite, the only limit is your finances. The gas used to fuel your cars may seem infinite, the only limit is your tank’s capacity. These power sources may seem limitless to you, but in reality, it is a finite source. These are your natural resources, and we are running out of them. (Renewable Resources Co, 2016)

This is called resource depletion – when natural resources are being depleted faster than they are being replenished. This depletion started during the 1900s Industrial Revolution, when the steam turbines were created and the demand for coal grew more and more. (TheWorldCounts, 2014)

This demand for coal (along with other natural resources), is strengthen by overpopulation and inevitably, overconsumption. The more humans there are on the planet, the more needs for raw materials. In easier terms, a family of five cannot have a meal from one, small chicken thigh without anyone getting hungry. (Lamsal, 2017)

Additionally, the process of overconsumption impairs the natural resource reserve more and more. The more humans buying more than what they need, the more natural resources are being used. (Friends of the Earth, n.d.)

Think about it, in India alone, there are 37 million motorcycles produced each year! It approximately takes one liter of petrol burned in order for a motorcycle to run 10 kilometers. Now multiply that by 37 million. And that’s just for India alone! (Desai, 2015)

We continue to use these resources without much responsibility. How can we expect our natural resources to last, when we ourselves are not making any effort to save it? (Harvard University, 2012)

This is why we need an alternative power source. Behold – sustainable energy – energy that is easily replenished, as it comes from sources such as wind, water or the sun. Sustainable energy is grandly different from its non-sustainable counterpart as it only takes a day or two to replenish, as compared to the millions of years needed for the burial and compression of fossil fuels. (Harvard University, 2012 & Fossil Fuel Formation, n.d.)

By using these sustainable energy sources, we are reducing our dependence from the depleting natural resources. The more humans there are in the planet, trying to create change, the greater the effect there will be. (Why Do We Need Renewable Energy?, 2019)

By using sustainable energy, we are causing less harm to the environment as well. The burning of fossil fuels releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere that leads to global warming. Whereas, the production of sustainable energy needs little to no manpower and does not emit any harmful chemical that shortens Earth’s lifespan. (Why do we need sustainable energy?, n.d.)

While it is only an alternative, as it is difficult to replace our main energy source entirely, it is slowing down the process of depletion. In simpler terms, by using sustainable energy, we are lengthening Earth’s life span, instead of shortening it. (Harvard University, 2012)

Currently, sustainable energy is responsible for 10% of the supply of our energy demands. But it is not enough. Saving ten percent is not enough, we should save as much as we can. (Harvard University, 2012)

When you are presented with the technology to be sustainable, such as a battery pod of sustainable power like Anzene, choose it. That adds another person trying to save our dying planet.




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